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Why it can be useful

One of the great things about short term van insurance is the availability of this product online. You can easily get quotes, download documents and proof of cover all from the comfort of your personal computer.

Here are some of the benefits usually found in temporary and short term van insurance policies:

• Protects your no-claims bonus – with a short term van insurance policy you are not at risk of losing any no-claims discounts on existing vehicle policies.
• Full cover – for the individual or group
• Insures extra drivers – you can insure friends, family and others driving with you on a trip, or someone looking to take a test drive of your own van.
• Insures extra vehicles – cover can extend to any van that you drive and not just a specific vehicle.
• Cover immediate drive-away – short term van insurance provides protection for your newly-purchased vehicle until you have found a suitable permanent vehicle insurance policy.
• Test drive protection – use short term insurance to cover a vehicle used for test drives or demonstrations. Either the potential customer or the owner can obtain such cover.
• Obtain road tax – temporary van insurance can be used to obtain road tax on your vehicle subject to acceptance by the DVLA/Post Office.
• Customised protection – short term policies are flexible allowing you to customise your insurance according to your own requirements.

The situations in which short term van insurance can be useful are quite numerous and varied. For example, if you are taking a vacation in which several people will be taking turns driving someone else’s van. A temporary policy can be used to cover all drivers just for the period of that trip.

Another example is a person who is looking to purchase a new van. They may need to test drive many vehicles before making their final choice. A short term policy covers accidents that might occur during this time. And once the purchase has been made, short term insurance provides cover while you are searching for the best deal on an annual insurance policy.

You may need a van to move your possessions to a new address, or to perform a specific job. Maybe you are having a big family reunion and you will need a van to shuttle guests from place to place. Obviously you do not want to take out an annual policy to provide cover. And it can be difficult to amend your existing vehicle policy. With short term van insurance, you can shop online and get cover right over the internet.

With competitive pricing, shopping and purchasing ease, and other advantages, short term van insurance is the simplest and best solution for temporary cover available from just a single day right up to eight months, with a pay-as-you-drive option.

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