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Sometimes you may need a car for an indeterminate length of time and temporary car insurance is designed to fulfil that need. You may have a car that is up for sale, but which may take weeks or even months to sell, you may have a job with no definite finishing date, you may be waiting for an employment offer, or to move house, or emigrate. Whether it is one of these reasons or something entirely different you may need to have insurance cover which is flexible and which you can cancel when your circumstances change.

There was a time when you had no choice but to take out a yearly policy whether you needed cover for that length of time or not but now month by month insurance is available from eCar on a rolling basis. After you have filled in their application form (and provided that you fit their criteria - the majority of people do) you will be offered a monthly premium which is fixed for a maximum of eight months, provided that your circumstances do not change. You pay the first month's premium by credit card (which you don't have to settle for at least a month, of course) and then the policy is automatically renewed each month for up to a maximum total of eight months unless you give at least two weeks' notice of cancellation. The policy is flexible enough for you to be able to include multiple cars and even multiple drivers and the age range is limited to between 17 and 70 (subject to the usual restrictions of course) so it is the only policy we know of which allows people of between 17 and 21 to qualify for temporary cover. Cover can be fully comprehensive or just third party only and there is optional cover for travel with the European Union and for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident.

There is no large deposit to pay upfront and the monthly payments are all equal. The premiums are priced to be competitive but are designed for fairly short term use so if you need to have cover for a longer period of many months you may still be better off looking for a conventional insurance policy with a good introductory discount so do your maths first before committing yourself. Certainly if you reckoned to need cover for more than six months you would be well advised to get a quote from a good car insurance comparison site for a conventional policy. Under the right circumstances, however, a temporary car insurance policy could be just the answer to your requirements.

Short term car insurance policies are also available if you need cover for a fixed period of between just a single day an 28 days.

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