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What is not included?

Short term van insurance policies will vary according to the company that offers the policy. Also, each company may offer different policies that will include graded levels of cover. You should always carefully read through the entire policy to make sure that all the protection you require is included. Do not assume that just because something is listed in a document that cover is provided. There may be a clause stating that such an item must be specially requested. Also, look carefully for exceptions to each type of cover provided. Do not hesitate to ask your insurance broker if you are unclear about anything in the policy before signing a contract.

Basic short term cover will include liability to third parties and injury and damage involving the policy holder is not covered. Basic cover will mostly only provide the minimal protection as required by law. Third party cover provides insurance against legal liability to others – passengers in the van, and anyone else involved in an accident or other incident involving the insured vehicle. Such cover also protects against damage to others property arising out of an accident involving the insured vehicle. You should check to see whether a specific third party insurance policy covers third party claimant costs and injury or damage to others caused by passengers in the insured van.

Remember that if you comprehensive cover, you should ask for it specifically since it often is not included in basic temporary van insurance policies.

Legal costs may not be covered in short term cover either. Such legal costs include legal representation and legal fees in defending yourself in court against any action taken against you in connection with the insured vehicle(s). Solicitor’s fees in case the accident results in death are another legal expense. Most types of legal cover will not provide legal representation and cost cover for insured drivers who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

All policies restrict cover to those who possess a valid driver’s licence. The licence should at least be a standard UK driver’s licence. Some policies also provide coverage to drivers with foreign licences but you should check to make sure. Usually you should be able to insure additional drivers so long as they meet drivers licence and age requirements. Typically drivers should be ages between 21 years and 75 years old. Elderly or younger drivers will need to seek special insurance policies.

Remember that each policy provides only certain limits, in terms of value amounts, on any type of cover. The policy that provides the most complete protection is comprehensive cover. Check carefully to see what types of exceptions apply to each type of cover. Here are some examples of exceptions normally encountered:

• Cover for damage and loss of vehicle will not apply if the ignition keys were left in or on the insured van.
• Cover will not include unlocked vehicles.
• Even comprehensive insurance may not cover your vehicle if it is not immobilized with activated alarm system during certain hours or periods.
• Some policies only apply to personal use and not for working or business activities.

Of course, short term van insurance only protects insured drivers and vehicles for the term of the contract. In most cases, this will be from one to 28 days. Some companies may have longer periods of up to 84 days or more. Because of the short duration of the contract, there is usually no cooling off period or cancellation option.


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