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What does it cover?

Temporary and short term van insurance can vary from one company to another. You should read the policy carefully to make sure you are fully aware of what is covered, and what extra charges might apply.

The general types of policies available are one day, temporary and third party or comprehensive cover. One day policies provide cover for 24 hours. Temporary policies cover a period from one to 28 days and monthly policies are available for between one month and eight months. The third party option protects you from third party claims, while a comprehensive policy provides full cover.

Temporary coverage in the UK is available to anyone with a standard UK driving licence or a full driving licence that is at least a year old. Cover for foreign drivers will vary from policy to policy, and there may be extra charges to cover drivers from certain countries. There are generally age requirements that restrict temporary (1 to 28 days) policies to those between 24 years and 75 years old but monthly policies will often cover drivers from 17 upwards.

Typical short term van insurance cover includes:
Damage to insured vehicle caused by an accident. The vehicle may be fully replaced if extensively damaged.
Medical expenses. Generally includes emergency treatment for injuries caused by accident in insured vehicles.
Damage or loss caused by vandalism, fire, theft, or attempted theft, or malicious damage.
Damage to sound equipment and telephone systems, usually with a value limit.
Cover for foreign use. There should be at least the cover required by the insurance laws of European Union countries.
If you have third party cover, there will be protection against legal liability caused by injury to others including passengers. There will also be a specific amount of cover, say 20 million, for accidental damage of third party property. Third party liability might also include third party claimant costs, and liability of passengers for causing injury or damage to third parties.
Comprehensive insurance should also include cover of legal expenses.

Of course, what specifically is covered and the amount of coverage will depend on the policy. Therefore, you should always read the fine print and ask questions before signing a contract. Carefully read each section to make sure what you want is included in your policy. In some documents, you may miss the section that say a particular type of cover must be requested for inclusion.

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